About The Poets

Robert Frost quoteMeet the renju ~ the poets who are part of the December renga gathering!

There are 13 of us involved in this collaborative poetry project. We come from all walks of life and from all sorts of places 🙂 .



Janet DowlingJanet Dowling
Janet is a storyteller, creative facilitator and writer . She’s currently living in Surrey,but in the process of moving to Devon. You’ll meet Janet in verses 9 and 22.




Flemming FunchFlemming Funch
Flemming is a Danish collaborative systems consultant, based in France! He likes “any activity that brings out the improvisational nature of existence, the creative power of serendipity, the conscious interplay with the unexpected.” You’ll meet Flemming in verses 3 and 14.



leslie MarshLeslie Marsh
Leslie’s a shamanic practitioner and a bard ; she’s also a student of psychology and sociology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. You’ll meet Leslie in verses 2 and 17.



kate TraffordKate Trafford
Kate lives in Warrington, NW England. She’s a coach , trainer and speaker who has  no track record in writing poetry. She’s completely up for the new experience. You’ll meet Kate in verses 8 and 21.




Al MillarAlan Millar
Alan is a journalist and writer who lives in Northern Ireland. He’s “fiddled about” with haiku poems of his own and enjoyed books about medieval Japan. You’ll meet Alan in verse 13.




caroline JohnstoneCaroline Johnstone
Caroline is living and loving in Ayrshire; she’s originally from Northern Ireland. Sometimes….she’s a regional manager of a charity. Other times… she’s a hobbit, a wanderer and weaver of dreams, a writer, coach or poet. You can see Caroline in verses 7 and 18.



Steff JohnsonStephanie Johnson
Stephanie is a mother, play therapist and teacher, living in Renfrewshire, Scotland. You’ll see Stephanie in verses 5 and 16.




LisaLisa Holden
Lisa is a full-time mum, artist, creative,hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and hedgewytch. She lives in a tiny rural village in Kent. You’ll meet Lisa in verses 10 and 19.




Jane Talbot Jane Talbot
Jane’s an adventurer, writer, storyteller and coach, living in Northern Ireland. Jane set up The Big Renga project and will be co-ordinating the renga gathering from the 1st – 25th December. She’ll be the one who is keeping those rowdy renga poets in line 😛 .You’ll get to meet Jane in verses 1 and 25.



Kate GoldKate Gold
Kate works as a carer for elderly people with dementia. She’s also a painter, lapsed poet and a budding creative transformation guide. Kate lives in the Limousin region of France. You’ll meet Kate in verses 11 and 20




betsy andersonBetsy Anderson
Betsy lives in West Lothian, Scotland and works in Finance. She says, “The idea of collaborative poetry reminded me of a game I played with my daughter where one draws a head, folds the paper to hide the head, the other adds a neck (not knowing what the head looks like) and so it goes back and forth until a whole person emerges as the paper unfolds. The resulting person was usually fairly odd looking but gave us a great laugh. I’m curious about how the poetry will turn out and I’m sure it will be good fun!” You’ll see Betsy in verses 4 and 15.

cara wildeCara Wilde
Cara is a channel and a soul coach living in Cornwall, England. She felt a desire to join the project without really understanding why. Even though she was concerned that poetry wasn’t her thing, it actually turns out that poetry is totally her thing 😛 You’ll get to meet Cara in verses 12 and 24.



senga creeSenga Cree
Senga lives in Ayrshire, Scotland She’s a lover of life, a mum, a grandmother, a wife, a physiotherapist and a coach . She loves connecting with people and experiencing new things. Senga says ” I have never been a poet, so I thought that maybe it was time!” You’ll see Senga in verses 6 and 23