Our Big Renga Poem

We did it : 13 of us created 25 linked verses of poetry in 25 days! And here it is ~

PAGE 1 :
Hokku [Verse 1] ~ Jane Talbot [1st December]
Prickly ghost blankets
spread out of winter shadows :
butter melts on toast.

Verse 2 ~ Leslie Marsh [2nd December]
Lone wolf sings a lullaby :
bear dreams the new icy day.

Verse 3 ~ Flemming Funch [3rd December]
Crystal light above,
travelled paths divide and merge :
strangers finding love.

Verse 4 ~ Betsy Anderson [4th December]
A longed-for kiss, light and chaste :
heart swells, and colour rises.

Verse 5 ~ Kate Gold [5th December]
Strength of waxing moon
pulls the tide ever higher
as distant peaks glow

Verse 6 ~ Senga Cree [6th December]
Tall branches sway, shedding flame :
earth’s crisp nourishing carpet

Verse 7 ~ Caroline Johnstone [7th December]
Mushrooms mulched fully
feed on the dead like poison :
harvesting secrets

Verse 8 ~ Kate Trafford [8th December]
Acorn hoard, squirrelled away;
fear conceals buried treasure

PAGE 2 :
Verse 9 ~ Janet Dowling [9th December] 

Exquisite members
traversing the dormant plain :
running, sweeping low

Verse 10 ~ Lisa Holden [10th December]
Ambling to a pause, awake :
above cherry blossom, sings

Verse 11 ~ Stephanie Johnson [11th December]
Buds yawn and stretch out,
anticipate, quivering :
cloying amber stain

Verse 12 ~ Cara Wilde [12th December] 
Skylarks dancing, air delights :
hidden desires erupting

Verse 13 ~ Alan Millar [13th December] 
Oh thunder solstice
of warm long sensual showers
and roses climax

Verse 14 ~ Flemming Funch [14th December] 
Serene is the sudden calm :
grey smoke rises to the moon

Verse 15 ~ Betsy Anderson [15th December]
Ashen skies contrast
hues from Fouche’s Pomona :
ripe fruits fall softly

Verse 16 ~ Stephanie Johnson [16th December]
Persephone mourns harvest :
cage sustained by ruby seeds

Verse 17 ~ Leslie Marsh [17th December] 
Monarch butterflies
rise, kissing silent goodbyes:
reeds wave in return

Verse 18 ~ Caroline Johnstone [18th December] 
Love hearts freeze-frame memories:
Wind under wings; let it go

Verse 19 ~ Lisa Holden [19th December]
Polaroid found, hope ~
entwined passion rekindled :
hidden dangers lurk

Verse 20 ~ Kate Gold [20th December]
Trust in the tender yearning :
follow the path that rises

Verse 21 ~ Kate Trafford [21st December] 
Dreams of peaks unreached
inspire sure-footed ascent:
soul, eternal guide.

Verse 22 ~ Janet Dowling [22nd December] 
Scattered far beyond the stars :
traverse the sun and restored

PAGE 3 :
Verse 23 ~ Senga Cree [23rd December] 
Bonfire gathering
around ancient light, dusk moon :
fleeting precious life

Verse 24 ~ Cara Wilde [24th December] 
Sienna rots, dank death calls :
Mabon’s hands held high now yield

Verse 25 ~ Jane Talbot [25th December]
The Holly King falls,
bound by age-old promises :
axial tilting


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