Launching On Monday 1st December

Winter frostThe excitement in the Big Renga Project is building as we approach our launch on Monday 1st December!

There are now 13 renga poets [renju] involved and we’ve been practising behind the scenes to familiarise ourselves with those darn rules 🙂 .

On Monday you’ll see the first verse published here, and you can watch the first episode of the Big Renga Round-Up here. Over 25 days, you’ll see the renga grow daily and you’ll get to hear more about the rules [shikimoku], and all the twists and turns, on the daily Round-Up.

The first verse of renga poem is called the hokku. The format is 5-7-5 (syllables) and the hokku is always set in the current season. So we already know that the first stanza will be about winter (that’s why there’s a picture of frost on this post 😛 ).

Hope you can join us on Monday.

Sōshō [the sōshō is responsible for the completion of the renga. S/he has the authority to dismiss an improper verse.]



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